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Windmill Softball Pitching Instruction


385 N. Franklin Tpke.
Ramsey, N.J. 07446

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Softball Pitching Instruction

Windmill Fast Pitch

* All Ages * Beginners-Advanced * Year Round Lessons *

Softball Pitching Instruction 

* We are located in Ramsey, NJ  behind the strip mall across the street from Don Bosco High School. We are easily accessible from New York as well.

* We offer individual Windmill Softball Pitching instruction in order to learn fast pitch softball pitching.

*We work with student's of various ages, athletic abilities & talents. We have taught high school students who have received All American, All State, All North Jersey, All County, and All League honors for their pitching, as well as 3rd & 4th graders who have won  peewee championships.

We have taught high school students who have gained recognition as the Bergen Record's Athlete of the Week, the Bergen Record's Pitcher of the Year,  and the Star Ledger's Softball Player of the Year.

We have worked with students who have gone on to pitch in college, as well as student's who pitch recreational softball for enjoyment & enrichment. Some of our students also pitch on local travel or club softball teams in the Spring & Summer, as well as Fall ball teams in the Autumn.


Our softball pitching instructors are experienced and extremely reliable.


*  Softball pitching instruction is offered year round and we like to see our students on a weekly basis in a regular time slot. We are available 7 days a week.

* We can come to your location and give softball pitching instruction clinics as well as hold some clinics at our location. Please call 201-785-9800 for more details regarding clinics.

What to Bring to Your Lesson

*Please wear sneakers and bring your softball glove and your fielder's mask to your lesson. 

Have any questions or want to set up softball pitching instruction

* Please call us at 201-785-9800
385 N. Franklin Tpke #8
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